DTB Carbyne Apps launches!

Yes! Finally, we have launched our company DTB Carbyne Apps into the wild. Go and tell a friend, to tell a friend, recursively, in an infinite do-while loop :)

What a journey so far..

From as long as I can recall, creating a business in my field was a necessity for me. I felt as though I had something to add to the world with my creativity and passion. Although the high street is crowded, there's always place for a quality cake shop. That's my view on our services - they are quality (and for now, I'll spare you the countless parallels with cake). We're not unique in substance - but nor is a diamond. However, when you receive your "diamond" from us - make sure you're sitting down ;).

Let me run you through who we are and what we do:

We are a digital product and services house. We are here for your needs (in design and tech, that is!). We are end user centric. We want to give back to the world and share knowledge, education and our assets.

That's enough about us for now. Let us know a bit about you at

Stay tuned for announcements. It's kick-off time

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