Why Choose DTB Carbyne?


We at DTB Carbyne know that your ideas and projects are your babies which make them precious and invaluable to you. We, therefore, go the extra mile to ensure that at project inception we've already invested heavily in understanding your story so that we can work together to turn the dreams you have into tangible reality.


Trust is based on your positive or neutral personal experience or on the experience of someone you trust. We understand this principle acutely and therefore seek to build a relationship with you based on understanding. We believe that healthy relationships enrich cohesiveness and that in turn adds to the quality of the product. Our testimonials hopefully speak loudly too!


With our ISTQB BCS qualified professional testers, we pride ourselves in championing quality throughout a project lifecycle. Localising and minimising bugs in software is part of our DNA. Our teams' agile approach to software craftmanship has QA at the centre - not as an afterthought of development.

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